Enduring purpose

  • To change the destiny of the kids and youth of South Africa from the current reality of poverty, abuse, addiction, and HIV to one of hope with the expectation for spiritual, emotional, physical, social, academic and economic well-being.


  • Courage youth that thrive in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, academic, social and economic
  • In the communities of youth in which we engage, significant reduction in drug and alcohol addiction, HIV infection, and teenage pregnancy


We train, mentor and equip Courageous Youth to thrive in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, social, academic, and economic. Specifically:

  • To develop life skills and spiritual values that make youth resistant to premature sexual activity, alcohol/drug abuse, and abusive/violent behavior.
  • To be equipped for God’s design for work and service to others.
  • To be engaged in an abundant life of fellowship with God and furthering His kingdom.
  • To pass it on: to invite, encourage, appeal and equip their peers to do the same.


Making a difference in the lives of youth is not something that can be done alone. Courage Youth works closely with:

  • School leadership. Courage Youth staff and volunteers work closely with school management teams and staff, and school governing boards in planning and carrying out Courage Youth initiatives. GOAL: Build relationships, foster partnership, and serve humbly.
  • Government departments. Courage Youth works closely with the Departments of Basic Education, Social Development, and Health. GOAL: Build relationships, foster partnerships, comply with government mandates, and demonstrate added value.
  • Community support. We work closely with families, churches, businesses and other social organizations committed to youth development. GOAL: Create a structure for partnership that encourages direct positive engagement with Courage Youth.


To find out how you can be involved, contact the leaders below.

Managing Director
Class & Clubs Compassion & Camps Careers
Barnard Mokhachane
+27 71 677 0190
Tumi Tshabalala
+27 64 801 2926
Chris Mokhachane
+27 71 677 0191
Thandi Msomi
+27 64 886 4594