Genesis. SAHAC was born out of a strategic planning meeting of the Association of Evangelical Relief & Development Organizations (now called ACCORD) in 2004. From inception, SAHAC has sought to be a holistic Christian approach to Youth HIV-AIDS prevention engendering collaboration of families, churches, schools, businesses and communities. The pilot project was launched in March 2006, in Orlando East, one of the historic Soweto Townships, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Goal. Participate in efforts to reduce the rate of HIV-AIDS infection 30-50% within five years in the populations we work with.

Vision. Youth with a bright future because they have life skills and spiritual values that:

  • Make them resistant to premature sexual activity, alcohol and drug abuse, and abusive behavior
  • Connect them with and equip them for God’s design for work and service to others
  • Engage them in an abundant life of fellowship with God and advancing His kingdom

Strategy. Seed a Courage Movement—a positive counter-epidemic—in which Youth embrace life-enhancing choices (e.g. positive relationships; goal-direction) and risk-avoiding behaviors (e.g. sexual abstinence before marriage; faithfulness thereafter) AND encourage their friends to do the same.