Courage Camps are always an exciting year-end event for CYM members. It’s a good time to deepen relationships, share accomplishments and develop leadership skills. A highlight for the year!

The annual end-of-year Summer Camp signifies the success learners feel they have achieved by being active Courage Youth participants. They have been positive contributors to activities, tasks and club events through-out the year! What an awesome feeling they always express… realising that through the participation and belonging each has contributed to the Courage Club they have earned the final ticket to Camp!

One recent camp focused on an array of teachings, devotions, team activities and workshop sessions to the reinforce the importance of avoiding risky behaviours associated with early and reckless sexual relations, the risks of other many sexually transmitted infections, plus the undesirable consequence of teen pregnancies.

Camps always includes a wide range of challenging sport activities. To crown it all, the highlight of the Camp is the Talent Show and the Beauty Pageant in which learners enthusiastically show off their talents and abilities!

A Mother’s Story
It is always a delight when you send your child to an  organization that empowers your child to develop.  When she came back from the camp she was over whelmed with the knowledge she gained from the  SAHAC Courage Youth CAMP.

“I wanted to change my way of thinking about life, to boost my self-esteem, and to stand for what is right. I made a good choice to attend CYC I LOVE THEM ALOT.“

N. M.

Mafori Mphahlele High School