Courage Clubs are how Courage Youth connect. It is a place to belong!

The Courage Club in each school is led by Life Coaches that look out for you and help you learn how to be all that you can be. They help celebrate your highs and walk with you through your lows. The clubs meet during lunch, free periods and after school. There is time for learning how to be a better person, time for fun and games, and time to en courage and help each other.

“Am in CYC because I am taught how to be my self and how to be strong and courageous. CYC has played a big role in my life, I’ve learned to be strong and have courage and I believe that am made in God’s image because God created me and has a purpose for me. CYC is like my second family.“

M. K. R.

Lofentse Girls High School

In Courage Clubs we express our hopes and joys and work together on things we are passionate about. We learn leadership skills and relationship skills.

Most of all it is a place for us to come together to form a movement of youth that will change the destiny of South Africa. It is a forum for speaking to and doing the things that need to change.

We even create things like our own “war cry!”