Are you struggling with life circumstances and don’t know how to cope or where to turn for help? CYM’s Compassion team can provide skilled counseling for you and your families.

“I attend Courage Youth because I want to learn more about life and to make right choices for my future. And to teach others what CY taught me.“

R. M.

Mafori High School

Sometimes things are just to heavy deal with alone. You may be faced with bullying, peer pressure, abuse, addiction, hunger, family issues or the loss of a loved one. You are not alone! Your Courage Youth Life Coaches and Compassion staff can help you.

Contact the Life Coaches at your school, Or, you can call the confidential Courage Compassion Hotline: +27 72 937 4608. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused huge issues in our country. The Courage Youth Compassion team and staff is meeting critical food scarcity needs for our learners and their families.

“I am a Courage Youth member because I can face my fears.”

M. M.

Selelekela High School