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Tax exempt contributions can be made to SAHAC Courage Youth in both South Africa and North America. Our program is very cost effective. The cost per learner per year is ZAR 2 000 or USD 150.


Tax exempt contributions may be made in the South Africa to SAHAC—South Africa, a South African Public Benefit Organization.

•Electronic Funds Transfer
Account: SAHAC—South Africa.
Account number: 6216 19 12433.
Bank name: First National Bank (FNB)
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Branch Code: 254205.

•Other Arrangments
Contact Barnard Mokhachane at: | +27 71 677 0190 


Tax deductible contributions to SAHAC may be made in the United States through encompassKids, and mail to: encompassKids, a tax exempt 501(c)3 or-ganization for the SAHAC ministry. 

Make checks payable to “encompassKids” and mail to: encompassKids, 16 East 40th St., Holland, MI 49423. 

•Other Arrangements
Contact Rich Avink at: | +1 616 990 4076 

“On March 16th. 2020, I had the wonderful privilege, along with my lifelong friend, Toodie, to spend time learning about SAHAC and it’s programs. We met with Chris and Barnard, the Life Coaches, and some of the staff at Orlando High School in Soweto. They led us through a handout of their impressive programs and goals for their Courage Youth clubs.”

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L. C.

Courage Champion

“As a South African business woman and mom of two sons I am happy to support the work of Courage Youth. Our young people need the inspiration and guidance they get through this program.”

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E. S.

Courage Champion