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  • Courage Curriculum.
    EQUIP through character-based life skills curriculum taught by SAHAC staff and volunteers, high school teachers, and church leaders. Also coaching by Courage Movement Youth and adult leaders in informal settings.
  • Courage Clubs & Camps.
    AFFILIATE through extra-curricular activities and leadership development opportunities in Courage Clubs, school assemblies, and similar initiatives. Also, periodic leadership development camps for Courage Movement Youth.
  • Courage Counselling.
    RESTORE through skilled counselling of vulnerable Youth involved with the Courage Movement and their families.
  • Courage Careers.
    EMPOWER through career counselling and job readiness training leading to scholarships, on-the-job training placements, or entrepreneurship training and Also, training and mentoring of small and medium enterprises (SME) resulting in healthy businesses able to create and sustain jobs for the Youth.