Tax deductible contributions to SAHAC may be made in South Africa, or the United States.

South Africa
Contributions to SAHAC  may be made in the South Africa to SAHAC—South Africa, a South African Public Benefit Organization.

Account: SAHAC—South Africa.
Account number: 6216 19 12433.
Bank name: First National Bank (FNB)
Branch Code: 254205.

Make cheques payable to “SAHAC—South Africa” and mail to: SAHAC, P.O. Box 570, Orlando East 1803.

United States
Tax deductible contributions to SAHAC may be made in the United States through Partners Worldwide, a Michigan not-for-profit corporation that handles finances and administration for SAHAC in North America.

Partners Worldwide – Giving. Link
1. Choices at top of page:  Invest Somewhere Specific
2. Choose a type:  Support a Partnership
3. Choose a designation:  South Africa:  SAHAC

Make checks payable to “Partners Worldwide—SAHAC/525151” and mail to: Partners Worldwide, ATTN: Katherine Kutzli, 6139 Tahoe Dr., Grand Rapids, MI 49546.