Southern Africa HIV-AIDS Collaboration (SAHAC) is the South African public benefit organization that supports Courage Youth. SAHAC was launched in 2006 at iconic Soweto high school Orlando High and incorporated in 2007.

Genesis. SAHAC was born out of a strategic planning meeting of the Association of Evangelical Relief & Development Organizations (now called ACCORD) in 2004. From inception, SAHAC has sought to be a holistic Christian approach to Youth HIV-AIDS prevention engendering collaboration of families, churches, schools, businesses and communities. The pilot project was launched in March 2006, in Orlando East, one of the historic Soweto Townships, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We have continued to build on that early start at Orlando East. Now the SAHAC Courage Youth program is active in eight schools in Soweto and the surrounding communities, impacting many youth, families and their schools. 

In the beginning our emphasis was to focus on the preven-tion of HIV among the youth of South Africa. One thing we have learned is that it is impossible to focus on just one as-pect of the lives of our youth. All aspects of their well being are inter-related, and the program has been molded to be a holistic approach to these issues. 

Today our enduring purpose has sharpened to “changing the destinies of South African youth from the current reality of poverty, abuse, addiction, violence and HIV to one of hope and the expectation of spiritual, emotional, physical, social, academic and economic health.”