Courage Youth Life Coaches are  our critical interface for one-to-one interaction with the learners in the schools.  They are the leaders of the movement! 

Many of them were involved as Courage Youth during their time as learners, and are passionate about helping others learn the things about life that they were able to learn.  We take great pride in providing them the training and resources  that enable them to influence the lives of the Courage Youth they serve, as well as, to contine to develop  greater  personal destinies for their futures.

Life Coach Development Curricula

  1. Life at the CrossRoads:  Behaviour modification lessons which are aimed to improve/change character.
  2. Trauma – Informed Care: Understanding the effects of trauma during child development.
  3. Financial Literacy:  Workshop on how to be a good steward, get the advantage of knowiing how to make the right financial  decisions as you progress through life stages.
  4. Job Readiness:  Empowering and preparing young people for the world of work.
  5. Basic Counselling and Training:  Development of knowledge related to traumatic events and containment responses.

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The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS, Helen Epstein

Beat the Drum (2003)
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Themba/The Movie.