The Courage Youth Lead Team are seasoned pro-fessionals who have grown up with South Africa’s history of struggle and freedom. The are influential leaders in their community. They work with supporting North American colleagues to change the destinies of South Africa’s youth. 

The key roles and contact information for the Lead Team are provided on the CONTACT page. 

They are developing an ever growing group of highly motivated and enthusiastic young leaders as the front line workers for the Courage Movement. 

These are the Life Coaches (a name they chose for themselves) that are assigned to work every day with the Courage Youth in the schools. Many of these young leaders were Courage Youth members while they were in school. They want to give back to other youth what they themselves experienced. Others of these young leaders are attracted to the impact that Courage Youth is having and want to be an active part of helping and inspiring new learners to be all they can be. 

Meet the Life Coaches.

“CYM taught me to learn and grow with other people in the group. Also it helps me to reach my full potential academically and flourish spiritually with God.“
S. S.

Mafori Mphahlele High School