Courage Youth exists to change the destiny of the youth of South Africa from the current reality of poverty, abuse, addiction, violence and HIV to one of hope and the expectation of spiritual, emotional, physical, social, academic, and economic health.


We train, mentor and equip ‘Courageous Youth’ to thrive in all aspects of life:  spiritual, emotional, physical, social,academic, and economic.  Specifically:

  • To develop life skills and spiritual values that make youth resistant to premature sexual activity, alcohol/drug abuse, and abusive/violent behavior.
  • To be equipped for God’s design for work and service to others.
  • To be engaged in an abundant life of fellowship with God and furthering His kingdom.
  • To pass it on: to invite, encourage, appeal and equip their peers to do the same.

Core Values

  • Kingdom. We see Jesus as preeminent and Lord over all. We believe obedience to Kingdom precepts is the prudent choice.  We strive to do what Jesus would do in the way  he would do it in confronting the issues facing South African youth.  We seek God’s leading in all we do and his provision of all we need in response to effective, fervent prayer.   
  • Identity.  We see every individual as possessing unique worth: a person the Father created, for whom the Son died, and in whom the Holy Spirit may dwell.  We treat others as image-bearers of God and we want to be treated as image-bearers of God.

  • Community. We acknowledge Kingdom life is not designed to be lived alone. Therefore, we seek to build relationships and create community that foster health and growth in the varied dimensions of life.  As a result, Courage Youth often see themselves as a family beyond their nuclear family.
  • Transformation. We are all broken, incomplete people, but we know in Christ it is possible to change thoughts, attitudes and behavior.   We pursue mutual obedience, fellowship and collaboration as means by which the Holy Spirit conforms us all to the image of Christ.
  • Demonstration. We aim to walk the talk, to practice what we preach. We aim to live and act in ways consistent with the principles we teach.  We aim to model the character of Christ in all our dealings.