Mxolisi Modise’s story… Sight Restored

After a literally ‘crippling’ report by the ophthalmic consultant, Mxolisi’s story was no where near any possible happy ending. He was rapidly losing his sight in both eyes, even as he was preparing to sit for his final high school year exams! Beyond devastating as this was, for both for his family and SAHAC alike; but by the grace of a benevolent supportive couple, Mxolisi’s sight was literally restored through a rare cornea transplant operation in his right eye, with the left following soon.

Now with his sight improving and using his time to ‘give back’ into the lives of other under-served SAHAC Youth, he is positively engaged to also mentoring others! “I don’t have enough words to thank you guys, had it not been through the help of that good family and SAHAC, I probably may have been totally blind by now; you guys don’t actually know how much this means to me…” said an almost sobbing young man.

Mxolisi was our best alum leader and favorite guy with the youth – but SAHAC was delighted to ‘send him off’ when he was accepted this year into the nursing program at the University!

Dineo Mukwevho, My Journey to Success!

I go by the name of Dineo Mukwevho, aged 21 years old. I’m eager to learn new things, adorable, extrovert, goal driven and very passionate on becoming a teacher. I can take the whole day talking about myself. I am from a poor background, but that doesn’t stop my success. I never choose myself to be from the disadvantage but Lord had a reason why. Isn’t every-thing happens for a reason? There was a time I failed my Grade 11. I cried because I never failed in my life. Coming to think that learners I had topped made it to Matric. But guess what? That was a wake-up call for me. That year I had no friends at all and I was okay with it. 

My failure bought me greatness. I still believe that if I never failed I wasn’t gonna be having the privileged of being a SAHAC member. When SAHAC came at our school called Mafori Mphahlele Comprehensive High, they were given our class and we were told after school we need to attend intervention classes because we are corrupt. Through the SAHAC Courage Classes I’ve learnt not to let failures determine me, but I should let them teach me. SAHAC has done a lot in my life and changed the way I think. Today I am a God-fearing woman and a young lady whose determined, a Proverbs woman because of SAHAC. 

After I Matriculated I had no plans because Wits rejected me due to English and Mathematical Literacy not being at 80%. You know what as much as I told myself I never wanted to apply at other Institutions, but Wits, now that it has rejected me, what do I do? Gap year? A lot of things can happen. God Help. God looked at me and said “You crazy, why get worried when you are a member of SAHAC?” I smiled and by God’s grace Mam` Thandi from SAHAC staff asked on the group chat that we should come for Job Readiness workshop at the SAHAC Office in Orlando. We went there as a group and I got a chance to do the workshop. 

Then it was posted on group chat that we should come at Pimville “Thapelo Community Projects” for a Computer Course. We must just bring ID copies. I went there and guess what? That was the start of my journey to success. SAHAC paid for my courses and weekly provided taxi fare. How grateful I was. Lord such a privileged. 

Well I completed the course. Actually, even before I do, our CVs were sent for a Learnership Of Technical Support with Quarphix Company. They called in for interview and guess what I first did? I went through notes of Job Readiness that SAHAC offered and Mam` Thandi helped me in getting information about the Company. I went for an interview and I made It. I got a Learnership. As I was busy doing the Learnership we had a chance to do our practicals with private Company Nextcall. That’s where I got Call Centre experience. The first campaign I was doing was based on Zimbabwean Exemption Permits. We would deal with applicant’s queries and track their application status, even to schedule their appointment with Home Affairs. Another campaign was for Tourist Sim Cards called Nextcellular. And I was specializing in troubleshooting and customer care. 

If it wasn’t for SAHAC paving a way for me where would I be right now? The teachings they gave me made me this lady. I now have Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education & Training which was my bridging course to Degree of Education. I can proudly say I have three certificates because of SAHAC. If it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t have had the certificates I am having. I will never be afraid of walking proudly and say I am a member of SAHAC. I’m also having SAHAC on my Curriculum Vitae. 

SAHAC is my home and everything. My foundation layer. There’s this verse in the Bible that Pastor George once read at the 2016 Youth Camp at Walkerville. And before he can start he once said “Fear is an acrostic for false evidence appear-ing real. Get God to handle fear and its causes.” And then read the Scripture saying “Be not afraid of sudden terror and panic. Proverbs 3:25.” I shouted Amen. 

Thank you SAHAC I owe you my life. 

Monwabisi ‘Cosmo’ Masoka

Monwabisi Masoka, casually known as Cosmo among friends, is a 20 year old young man. He and his mom live in a tiny shack in the informal settlement called Nomzamo in South Africa’s biggest township, Soweto. Cosmo says that he was a very troublesome son. “I and a circle of friends gambled and used recreational drugs. I used to steal items from home and use them to settle gambling scores and I would sometimes arrive home late or not even sleep at home at all.”

His academics suffered a lot ­­­– he is only doing his Grade 11 now at Selelekela High School, Soweto. His relationship with his mother and God were strained and he felt more alone. He then decided to join the Courage Youth Movement (CYM) group at his school. He heard about the CYM groups at his school and was invited to attend.

“Courage Youth has really changed me from the inside, out. The CYM group is like a new family where every learner feels special, there are no favourites because we are all special”, he says. “I was able to find new friends, people I can do schoolwork with, people I can dream about a better future with. Before CYM, I had a lot of anger issues and was very aggressive. But since participating in CYM and being able to talk about the challenges I face on a daily basis, I am less angry and not violent anymore.”

After he completes Grade 12 in 2020, he wants to join the South African National Defence Force or the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department. “My one hope and prayer is for parents to support their children. The youth are very careless and there is a lot of underage drinking. But if parents can be involved in their children’s lives and support the activities they participate in, such as sports or arts, it will really help future generations.”

Lehlohonolo Calvin Masote

My experiences with the CYM have been impactual in a way due to the fact that I learnt a lot of things.  I also consider my experiences very “edutaining” in a way due to the fact that I have confronted and conquered while having fun. I can say my relationship with god has become more enhanced.  I can say I have built a strong fellowship and/or companionship with god. The theme of my self-discovery had been met and I somewhat realised the inner potential I have within me and it’s safe to say something inside is so strong.  I have learnt that I am the chosen generation born on the shaws of excellence and what I require for what the lord has done for me for I know who I am. Truth be told at first I thought the SAHAC institution would turn me into a sissy due to the whole fact of expression of feelings, having to cry and the most hardest was having to open up but then the triple T which stands for Tlaleng, Themba and Tseole [Life Coaches, edit note] are the people who helped me the most. They taught me about the anchor scripture which is Joshua 1:9 which reads as follows: “Have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous, do not be afraid do not be terrified for your lord god is with  you wherever you go”.  The CYM also taught me about the six pillars which are respect, trustworthy, citizenship, responsibility, fairness and caring and oh not to mention the nine fruits of the spirit now is that amazing?  It is trust me!

The vision and mission

  • Courage youth that thrive in all aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, academic, social and economic
  • In the communities of youth in which we engage, significant in drug and alcohol addiction, HIV infection and teenagepregnancy

About self
I’m a simple gentleman who was born and bred in the ghetto.  I come from a disadvantaged background and I’m only mentioning this because I wanna take the time to thank all the investors because if I wasn’t for you all. I wouldn’t have gotten an opportunity to learn about the bible I wouldn’t get the opportunity to go to camps and have fun without even compensation the full required amount so I must say it is both a pleasure and a privilege to say we are truly honoured to have people who change young people’s minds .

I’m currently at the University of the Witswatersrand doing my degree in law and I must say it’s quite sublime in a way because I also get a chance to change another person’s life as for mine has been changed too.  I am filled with the holy spirit and it’s all thanks to the institution.  I’m a changed or should I say a more rehabilitated young man now but prior to that I was a gang banger, corrupt as hell.  I used to also play dice and truth be told I lost all hope that god does exist.  I had no faith whatsoever and I was constantly angry that if god is all loving and everything then why would he let his own children suffer.  I was confused that if he’s all supreme and everything then why would there be things like crime, murder, rape, etc.  But then I found the CYM.  But prior it was the CYC which means that it was the courage youth club but then it turned into a movement due to the fact that we see that there is a great need of change in our world hence the aim will be to spread it worldwide.

With all that said I can say the lord god is the king of kings, the father of fathers, and my true identity lies within him.  He is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, the light out of the darkness – my god that’s who he is. The prince of peace, lion of judah and the alpha and omega.  It has been a great pleasure sharing my experiences of SAHAC.  I’ll leave you with my key to self-discovery which is found in John 1:9 and Matthew 6:1.

Yours faithfully, Lehlohonolo Calvin Masote.